In the same series as my Ursula picture I've drawn Maleficent! I've decided to do a Disney villain series in the same style as  they're fun to do and a nice break between comic pages 🙂  Here's Maleficent, the villain from Sleeping Beauty! Drawn digitally in Photoshop 🙂 

New items in my Etsy store!

Hi guys! I have some pretty new items in my Etsy store!  I've added some new Jewellery No-Face drop earrings Made from shrink plastic, measuring 2 1/2 inches so they're quite long but STUNNING. No-face is my favourite Ghibli character by far so I couldn't resist making them. Iridescent red button earrings. Made with recycled … Continue reading New items in my Etsy store!

Courtney Love

   Decided to have a play with watercolours for a change of pace from my comic, I'm sadly too impatient and there's a lot of unintentional smudging though I'm not sure if it adds or detracts really, or even if it really looks like her (though I think the grungy textures definitely represent Hole). 

Happy 2016! 

I'm a little behind on my posting so I'll be posting some of my sketches over the next few days, for now here's a ghibli picture I drew in studio a couple of days ago after watching Howl's Moving Castle and being enchanted 🙂     Happy new year everyone!