Katie is a Liverpool based artist known for her strikingly coloured illustrations. Her work deals with themes of loss, death and life and often explores both the natural and the fantastical world. Katie’s keen interest in nature and biology play a huge part in the work she creates as well as her background in philosophy, these interests have resulted in Katie creating works such as her ‘Pidgeonary’ book (part of a series of nature zines) which not only plays with colours and traditional depictions of pigeons, but also encourages the reader to see these birds in a new light. Katie’s desire to raise awareness and portray subjects in an unusual light also spreads to her more fantastical works, often illustrations with darker fantasy elements with gothic influences, Katie tries to evoke messages and meaning through her art as well as the colour choices and compositions she uses.


I grew up with what can only be called an obsession with nature and mythology, as a kid I used to go to the natural history museum as often as I could to look at the artefacts and specimens on show, this in turn kindles a fascination with drawing these subjects.

As I grew up I decided to complete a degree in illustration then later went to further education and completed both a Master’s degree in philosophy, which further complimented my illustration and added an underpinning to my work.

Primarily my artwork is created digitally. I often try to replicate the aesthetic of woodcut or lino printed by giving my work a cut-out effect. The colour palettes I use are often complimented for being unusual and giving subject matters a new lease of life. I have created many works to be shown as collections in books and I also regularly attend conventions to exhibit my works.

As well as creating illustrations I am also a comic creator for Frisson Comics. 

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