Star Wars VII

Like many other people, I adored the new Star Wars film which I was lucky enough to see at midnight on the opening night (before people could spoil it for me) and again a second time a couple of weeks ago.  There may be some minor spoilers below. 

I thought the film was spectacular in many aspects, I loved the return in traditional effects (myself and my friends who I saw the film with gasped simultaneously when we saw Admiral Akbar in 80s style costume), and I loved the character progression not only throughout the movie, but implied progression between movies. Most of all I loved the portrayal of women in this film,  previously Star Wars films seem to have tried but simply failed to have strong women in the forefront (Leia is a badass granted, but the stupid gold bikini definitely makes me cringe every time). This new film seems to have corrected these slights quite a lot, Leia is now no longer a princess, but a general who is not only in charge with saving the galaxy but also staying strong in the face of losing her son, we have Rey, a capable intelligent woman who for once in a sci-fi, isn’t sexualised at all but is both funny and courageous, and we also have side characters like Fasma and Maz who are both leaders (OK Fazma was a tad disdain ting with her lack of screen time). I totally recommend this film, it’s fun, witty, exciting and importantly, ground breaking. Here is the illustration I was inspired to make after my second watch 🙂 I’m so excited now for episode 8!  


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