Crimson Peak

Thought I’d take a break from working on my comic tonight and trying to get some work together for Manchester Film and Comic con. I decided to draw some Crimson Peak Illustrations as it is one of my favourite horror films and the visuals are vivid and really cool to look at. 

I drew Enola the Italian ghost, sadly I smudged the line work a little but I’m happy overall with how she turned out, I used a white pen to finish with which I never usually do but I’m glad I did this time as it gives the colour some depth. I may scan this image in and clean it to sell as a print at a later date if there is interest.

I also decided to draw Tom Hiddleston. I found him quite hard to draw at this angle actually and I’m not sure why, the picture isn’t 100% acurrate but I think it adds to the stylisation if the peice. I’m especially fond of how his hands turned out actually. 


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