Paleo art pattern

I’ve recently been reading The Paleoartist’s Handbook by Mark Witton, it’s a cracking book talking about the history of paleoart, talking about how to create good paleoart and it gives lots of gorgeous examples in loads of different styles! I’m about halfway though and it’s left me itching to draw my own paleo art.


I decided I wanted to depict a prehistoric ocean, a subject not so shocking to those of you familiar with my love of aquatic life. I wanted ammonites for their iconic shells and tentacles and one of their main predators and my favourite type of Ichthyosaur Opthalmosaurus. In his book, Witton talks a lot about the importance of biological accuracy and intent to portray an accurate depiction of the time you are presenting. I have tried my best to accurately portray the biology of both animals depicted, I originally was going to have a kelp pattern in there as well but research showed me most marine fauna had yet to evolve and the Jurassic sea had mostly reefs.


I’ve always wanted to create a repeat pattern that could be used on fabric or paper and i adore victorian wallpapers so i tried my hand at making the design  a repeat pattern which i’m fairly happy with. It was quite fun to make though so no doubt i’ll be trying my hand at designing more, I might even have a go at doing another paleo inspired one!

For now, i’ve put the design on my Redbubble shop while I decide wether i’d like to do anything else with the design for now, or if i’d like to practice more.

It is really cool seeing the Redbubble mock ups of the image though 🙂

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