Paleo art pattern

I've recently been reading The Paleoartist's Handbook¬†by Mark Witton, it's a cracking book talking about the history of paleoart, talking about how to create good paleoart and it gives lots of gorgeous examples in loads of different styles! I'm about halfway though and it's left me itching to draw my own paleo art. I decided … Continue reading Paleo art pattern

Batman essay: Masks, Mirrors and Duality

Batman Arkham Asylum: Masks, Mirrors and Duality- By Katie Whittle The graphic novel Batman Arkham Asylum a serious house on serious earth Morrison, G. McKean. D, (2004) DC Comics (Arkham asylum) contains prevalent themes of mirrors, masks and the concept of dual personalities. This essay is a means to explore their importance within the novel … Continue reading Batman essay: Masks, Mirrors and Duality