Inktober days 7,8,9

Mass post with a few days of inktober…
Day 7:

Tommy Wiseau theme, particularly ‘The Room’ in leau of the currently in production ‘the disaster artist’. The room is a brilliant room, definitely worthy of a watch. I used a mixture of derwent fineliners and a pentel brush pen for Tommy’s hair which gave the perfect texture.

Day 8:

I drew a picture of a Tapir I saw in Chester zoo a few weeks ago, I love tapirs and how they lol like tiny elephants (they are actually relatives) 
Day 9:

Return to horror theme here based on s picture I drew as a teenager. A ballerina with a meat skirt has always seemed cool to me. It was also an excuse to draw with some cool pens I got from CASSart student day, so there’s a latex paint pen used here and a line maker in blue. Overall the image was fun to create. 

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