75 day sketchbook challenge

So, in my trawling through WordPress this morning I came across this post where the artist is doing a 75 day sketchbook challenge by Brenda Swenson! So I’ve decided I too would like to have a go at this. The idea is to draw every day in just ink or pen, no pencils or erasers (you can add stuff to the drawing afterwards). I might not post my pictures every day as I assume there will be some crap here but it should help me improve my art…with out further adieu, here is today’s sketches!




I decided to draw some stuff on my desk as I very rarely draw still life (my art suffers greatly because of this) I actually think this sketch turned out ok. I then thought it might be nice to draw my lovely 3 legged tortoise shell cat Marilyn who loved the attention and rolled around all over my jeans until she finally fell asleep allowing me to do the colour sketch. Again I really kinda like how they both look and I even like the little corner of heads I have where Marilyn wouldn’t stay still 🙂 this should be a fun challenge!

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