Sin City Marv comic

So, I decided to go watch Sin City 2 last Sunday, our cinema decided  to show it as a double bill with the first film, so I watched them both back to back. I’m going to refrain from writing too much of a review here but needless to say I thought that the sequel was AWFUL. Spoilers ahead, Marv apparently didn’t die in the first film (yup,that last shot of Marv’s eye in the original with his happiest memory is now insignificant), instead he’s an immortal monster man who is everybody’s best friend and lovably helps anyone in need! Marv appears in everyone’s story at least once with helpful advice, hilarious one liners (She’s a dame to KILL FOR!) or joins in the quests for blood and vengeance whenever a dame is in need (you win’t catch women not in need of a man in Sin City. Marv will help you for every task, from defending hobos, taking out frat boys and even to taking you to hospital after your sexy girlfriend uses her sex powers to make you kill a guy, What a buddy!!

real stand up guy!
real stand up guy!

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