3 thoughts on “Silent Hill

  1. this is probably one of the game characters that i dread looking at the screen. There was this other pink bunny that creeps me out. Your rendering at this one is good 🙂 not sure how textures is done digitally, but i think it looks ok, it looks sketchy but it fits well 🙂

    1. Ah Robbie the rabbit is horrible 😦 I couldn’t play Silent Hill 3 for ages because the first level disturbed me so much…

      Yeah I agree it looks sketchy, I tried to speed paint this but it could deffo be tidier, I’m much better at traditional art but digital is cheaper and takes up less space so I’m trying to adjust ha, thanks for commenting 🙂

      1. oh, that was his name, robbie the rabbit. ugh! played that version on the arcade on a very big screen, and lots of them was bouncing around, he was so creepy, i just had to shoot them down.

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