Moonshot Kickstarter

Sorry for my silence for a couple of weeks, I shall post some new artwork up soon! While i’m here though I want to bring attention to this awesome comic Moonshot– The indigenous comics collection which currently has a Kickstarter! Check it out, the art looks beautiful, and it’s got a really cool subject matter.. Check out these images900e948d616e6f604918f1b182f94e2f_large b21de6087e66fe334cde0a23b9e848af_large



‘MOONSHOT will be printed as a 200 page, full colour, high quality volume showcasing a wide variety of stories and artistic styles, highlighting the complex identity of indigenous culture from across North America. Most of the original stories created exclusively for this volume are between 5-10 pages, including pinup art and prose passages.

The traditional stories presented in MOONSHOT are with the permission from the elders in their respective communities, making this a truly genuine, never-before-seen publication!’


3 thoughts on “Moonshot Kickstarter

  1. Very beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting so others can see such talent.. Take care and happy blogging to ya…

      1. I hope so too. I would buy it without a second thought. Here’s to it getting the sponsors needed… 🙂

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