The axolotl is now extinct in the wild…

In 2013 surveys of New Mexico the Axolotl is no-where to be found in the wild and it is feared it has gone extinct as a product of pollution and rival species being introduced to the habitat. Image
as a kid axolotls always fascinated me. My local museum used to have an aquarium with two white ones in, and I always used to drag my parents over to see the ‘fish with legs’ as I understood them (I also loved their octopus) it is tragic that this species can no longer be found in its natural habitat 😦 I hope that conservation centers will reintroduce the species. My drawing is an ode to the amazing axolotl.

The above image is a picture I did a couple of years ago for the charity Save the Frogs. The name says it all, though it focuses on amphibians as a whole, the image links to their donation page!

2 thoughts on “The axolotl is now extinct in the wild…

  1. All of it is alive. What lives endures in time. These creatures are calling your name. We humans catch images. Some of us craft loving images with pigments and pencils in pictures and words. Some of us shelter what we can and push the boundaries of habitat. Your website demonstrates sensitive intelligence. Demonstrate the convergence of graphic design and saving the axolotl. Contact a conservation group who is saving, or willing to save the axolotl. Offer designs and expertise to save the axolotl’s world. After all, these creatures supported your imagination in your childhood, it is not difficult to imagine some small way to heal their world. Best. — The Healing Garden gardener

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