Sketches- December

Watercolour and Ink

I’ve always loved chameleons. I love the panicked face they all seem to have and I love the variety of colours they can be as well as their awesome movements. I chose this little dude to do a study of for his colouration and facial expression, I used inks and watercolours (weirdly enough used an awesome palette I got in highschool yeaaaars ago, Nexus, I love the inky brightness of them)

Black women
dreadlocks Mechanical pencils and ink, several different women.

Since I read about under representation of black women in visual medias I’ve tried to draw more black women and I will be trying to include more black women in future projects. I am really happy with my pencil sketches and I really enjoyed drawing them, I also looove how dreadlocks look and think they’re an awesome character trait.

Ink, straight to paper - quick as possible
Ink, straight to paper – quick as possible

Finally, here’s a picture of Huginn, one of Odin’s ravens. I am currently working on a webcomic about Hel, the godess of the Norse underworld. In thsi story she’s inherited both Huginn and Munnin. I will be posting more about this at a later date :P. I drew this picture as quickly as I could with just an ink pen.

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