Card Spotlight: The Hierophant

Occult Ornithology tarot: Now available to pre-order! Todays spotlight will focus on the fifth card in the major arcana, The Hierophant, represented by an Onagadori Rooster Applying the idea of 'tradition' to a bird isn't necessarily an easy concept. Lots of birds have been revered for centuries, could I use tradition in that sense? That … Continue reading Card Spotlight: The Hierophant

Hel cockrel

On a hill there sat, | and smote on his harp,Eggther the joyous, | the giants' warder;Above him the cock | in the bird-wood crowed,Fair and red | did Fjalar stand.Then to the gods | crowed Gollinkambi,He wakes the heroes | in Othin's hall;And beneath the earth | does another crow,The rust-red bird | at … Continue reading Hel cockrel