Stormcaller Kickstarter

It's been a while since i've pushed a Kickstarter i'm really interested in on my blog, but i've been waiting for this particular project for almost a year. I've watching the creator, Clare Thompson work on each watercolour image with painstaking detail on her Instagram and just HAVE ┬áto see the printed result. The book … Continue reading Stormcaller Kickstarter

Batman essay: Masks, Mirrors and Duality

Batman Arkham Asylum: Masks, Mirrors and Duality- By Katie Whittle The graphic novel Batman Arkham Asylum a serious house on serious earth Morrison, G. McKean. D, (2004) DC Comics (Arkham asylum) contains prevalent themes of mirrors, masks and the concept of dual personalities. This essay is a means to explore their importance within the novel … Continue reading Batman essay: Masks, Mirrors and Duality